Why choose us?

Jensfarm is a small family-owned nursery located in middle Tennessee.  Our craziness for Japanese maples started in 2001 with Acer palmatum 'Butterfly'.  We have grown to collect over 100 different cultivars, and are still on the search for every rare and unusual Japanese maple must-have!  Our inventory is constantly changing.  Please check back often so you don't miss out on your next favorite maple!  Thank you for your business!

Our maples here are starting to bud out!  If you are in a colder climate, I can hold your maples until spring arrives in your garden.  We still have a few small grafts to sell!  Please keep them in a sheltered spot over the winter.  I'm hoping spring is here for good. Please message me if you would like me to hold your maples for a later shipment (jentuckerplants@gmail.com).  Stay safe!