We can only ship within the continental United States.  NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!  Shipping will be with UPS Ground and calculated based on weight and your zip code.  I know the shipping says USPS Priority.  UPS is calculating crazy amounts, so the shipping fee will be based on post office rates.  Sometimes the calculations are wrong.  If we feel that you have been grossly overcharged for shipping, we will refund the difference at our discretion.   

We strive to provide you with the best quality maples.  Our plants are packed with care and love.  If you receive a damaged plant, we will replace it at no cost to you.  We have no control over your maple once it reaches your doorstep.  It is up to you to protect it from weather, pets, insects and diseases, improper planting, poor soil conditions, and other related issues.

Japanese maples are hardy in zones 5-9.  Please check the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map  to fine your zone.

Plant your maples as soon as you receive them.  

Re-pot small maples into slightly larger pots with potting soil and grow for at least a year.  One-gallon (or larger) maples can be planted in the ground. Prepare soil with organic matter.   Mulch around the base of tree to insulate roots and prevent water evaporation.  Water deeply twice a week or more often if it is a newly planted tree.  

Leaf tip burn is an unsightly common occurrence.  This is the tree's way of saying it is getting too much or not enough water, or it has an underdeveloped root system (as a newly planted tree would have), and it is feeling a little stressed.  Afternoon shade and good watering practices will help.  Do not fertilize stressed trees.  

Small Japanese maples may need protection in winter from extreme cold and/or hungry animals.